Found a bug and an exploit.

Found 1 bug and 1 exploit for this game on ps3... Ps3 has a bug when you use the bonus random teleporter. I have a launch model cecha01 ps3. And when you enter a new area, example: from castle to forest, it takes a few seconds to load the sprite sheets. Or what ever it is loading causes the game to pause. Right after you enter this portal, hold any direction on the d pad and it will cause your character to spawn outside of the play area walls. You can easily get stuck outside of the walls. Whilist doing so you can easily traverse every area in the game besides boss rooms. Be careful though. You might get stuck in one of those midget tunnels with no means of escape what so ever. If you do get stuck, just hit start and go to "return to title screen." Then re enter the game. It will put you back into the bonus room before you teleported. The exploit I found in this game is truly amazing. But I am able to die several times... but I can keep my gold and my player and continue to stack up gold until I want to stop. I will not reveal this exploit. Sorry but it is possible to die an infinite amount of times and still keep your gold, and restore to 100 percent health, and keep your castle. But the map will be shrouded.