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• 1/10/2016

That Alexander the IV Chap

For the life of me this boss just keeps getting the better of me. I tried "spike boosting", crowd controlling and flailing like an idiot. It still kicks my behind

I need help with it

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• 1/22/2016

I dont know if this will help, but here are a number of small things that helped me beat him:

1) when the battle starts, you have a bit of time to yourself, use it to place your spell (that teleport mark thingy) on the left side of the platform abouve you. it will take you a few rounds to get used to it but eventually its a great "oh shit" button that will allow you to get out of trouble without having to jump the spikes. just dont forget to always use the spell twice: one to teleport to (relative) safety, and again immedietly to create a new mark. otherwise the next time you try to use it nothing will happen becous the mark is removed each time you use it.

2) any chance to safely hit that guy is gold, becous just relying on hitting him with the spikes protection isnt enough unless you are extremely lucky. there are a few spots where you can hit him for free if you get a bit used to them. for example. if you are standing on the top left platfrom and alex is coming at you from your right. you can hit him-dash back-press-hit him then immedietly fall of the ledge (by pressing down) then hit him as you pass below him, then nunja-jump to the other half of the room. congrats! you just got 3 free hits in! there are a bunch of places on the map like that. try to run thr room once or twice without trying to win and just scout them out.

3)dont try to pick the small fry one by one. if they are haddled together they are worth it for the HP refund. but if they are scattered, focus on evading, they will usually charge you if you are hitting Alex, so when you are standing on spikes spamming him, they will also attack(not dealing you extra damage, you are on spikes after all) and the HP from killing them as you hit Alex will allow you to keep attacking him longer.

good luck! 

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