There are a total of 28 achievements in the game.

Icon Name Description Requirements
Alektrophobia Alektorophobia Fear of Chickens Kill a chicken with a character who has Alektrophobia.
Atelophobia Atelophobia Fear of Imperfections Pick a character with no traits.
Aurophilia Aurophilia Love of Gold Complete a miniboss room.
Barophobia Barophobia Fear of Gravity Play as the Dragon class.
Bibliophilia Bibliophilia Love of Books Open the journal after obtaining every journal entry.
Biophobia Biophobia Fear of Life Die 20 times.
Caintophilia Cainotophilia Love of Change Have a rune equipped in every slot.
Coulrophilia Coulrophilia Love of Clowns Complete a circus bonus room.
Decidophobia Decidophobia Fear of Decisions Put at least one point into all upgrades.
Disposophobia Disposophobia Fear of Disposal Obtain all pieces of equipment.
Gnosiophilia Gnosiophilia Love of Knowledge Talk to the enchantress after obtaining every rune (it is not required to buy them).
Gymnophobia Gymnophobia Fear of Nudity Have a piece of armor equipped in every slot.
Plutophobia Plutophobia Fear of Wealth Reach level 50.
Rhabdophilia Rhabdophilia Love of Magic Obtain a magic rune from a fairy chest.
Somniphobia Somniphobia Fear of Sleep Reach 20 hours of playtime.
Ommetaphobia Ommetaphobia Fear of Eyes Defeat Khidr (boss of Castle Hamson).
Phasmophobia Phasmophobia Fear of Ghosts Defeat Alexander (boss of Forest Abkhazia).
Pyrophobia Pyrophobia Fear of Fire Defeat Ponce de Leon (boss of The Maya).
Blennophobia Blennophobia Fear of Slime Defeat Herodotus (boss of Land of Darkness).
Paterphobia Paterphobia Fear of Fathers Defeat the Final Boss.
Zoophobia Zoophobia Fear of Animals Defeat all the mini-bosses.
Geminiphobia Geminiphobia Fear of Twins

Beat NewGame+.


Fear of Relatives

Defeat the brothers. (Brohannes)


Fear of Chemicals

Defeat the trademarked chemical. (Ponce de Freon)


Fear of Bones

Defeat the son.(Alexander IV)


Fear of Blindness

Defeat the doppleganger.(Neo Khidr)


Fear of Space

Defeat the asteroids. (Astrodotus and Herodotus)


Love of Laugh

Mock the traitor. (Battle Johannes as the traitor class)