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There are a number of bosses throughout Rogue Legacy, one for each region of the map, each behind an imposing set of doors - and one final boss (with two stages) that is located behind the large golden door that is at the entrance to the castle. Each time a boss is killed, their icon on the door turns from a dulled grey to a bright cyan, symbolizing that the particular boss is dead. Once a boss has been killed, it cannot be re-killed until a new game, and the door of each boss room shuts accordingly. Each boss drops a significant amount of gold - in bags, coins, and sometimes diamonds, and all give a blue and gold chest that grants the player 3 permanent stat bonuses when opened. Collect the money drops before opening the chest - otherwise you lose the money.

All bosses are available from the beginning of the game, it only takes the player reaching their door for the boss battle to begin; however normally the bosses are killed in the order of:

Khidr (The Castle)Alexander (The Forest)Ponce de Leon (The Tower)Herodotus (The Darkness)

This is both due to the difficulty of the surrounding areas of the bosses, as well as the health and attacks of the bosses. However due to the vast differences in how each boss is fought, they could potentially be fought out of order if one found a 'later' boss easier with their skill set.

As of update 1.2.0 there is a remix version of each of the bosses that can be accessed after finding the related Obol.

Castle: Khidr (The Gatekeeper)[]

Khidr, the Gatekeeper.


Khidr is a large eyeball that sits in a small square room with two platforms either side of him - one at roughly his middle, and one at his apex. There are two spiketraps on either side of the boss in the bottom-most corners. The boss is significantly elevated off the floor as to make him impossible to hit from the ground, without jumping (unless the player has Gigantism). He sends out red teardrop missiles in alternating patterns and orders, and does decent damage.

Health: 2000

Damage: 41

Level: 25


  • Sends four spiralling missile lines that turn clockwise or counterclockwise forcing the player to stay in between the lines and follow the bullets.
  • Sends out bullets in a pattern leaving seemingly random gaps for the player to be safe in.
  • Sends out evenly spread out bullets in every direction.


  • The Mage and his Flame Barrier can get the boss down to a few pixels of hp-bar in just a few seconds until your mana runs out. The last few hits are the hardest parts of this fight.
  • The Barbarian is a good choice for this boss, their high health allows them to tank quite a few of the shots before dying. You can also use your shout to get rid of the projectiles.
  • The Paladin is also a good choice for this boss, his high damage and shield ability are invaluable in blocking projectiles.
  • The Shinobi/Hokage is a good choice for this boss, because it is easy to avoid virtually all of the projectiles that the boss fires, and you can quickly get into position for three or four hits in a row between boss attacks, which will dish out massive amounts of damage.
  • Due to the confined space and large number of projectiles, Retaliation runes would be valuable.
  • There's nothing to kill but the boss, so Vampirism/Balance/Siphon runes are useless.
  • If you stand underneath the boss, you'll need to jump to hit him - don't jump too high else you'll bump into him and take heavy damage.
  • If you have the Gigantism trait you are able to attack the boss without jumping while standing underneath the boss - allowing you to hit him while dodging - making the fight significantly easier.
  • Dwarfism and a sky rune can also be helpful, as you would have a smaller hitbox allowing you to dodge the projectiles much easier while on side platforms. The Sky Rune would help during the rotating bit, if jumping over the top is ever required.
  • Chakram, Axe, Sword Barrier, and Conflux can be useful spells to have against this boss, as they let you dodge and deal damage at the same time more easily.
  • This boss is stationary, so you only have to avoid its projectiles.

Remix (Neo Khidr)[]


Neo Khidr is the remix counterpart of Khidr, and is red in color. There is one platform on either side of him as well as three spike traps along the floor. You will receive the Scotomaphobia achievement for beating him.

You will need to become a dodging expert to beat Neo Khidr. He has three patterns for his missiles: a spiral pattern that can rotate in either direction, a burst pattern that goes in all directions with equal spacing, or a burst pattern with seemingly random spacing. At first, the spiral patterns will be most problematic as you learn how to dash under and above Neo Khidr to avoid them, but with practice these can be avoided nearly every time. Later on, the random burst patterns will be more problematic.

Use your spellsword's powered-up blade wall as often as possible, hitting Neo Khidr with your regular sword when you have the chance to recover mana. You can only be hit five times before dying, and you will be hit unavoidably if the fight drags on too long, so win the battle of endurance by avoiding the missiles as best as possible while having a sword barrier damaging Neo Khidr at all times. Expect to re-play this battle many times to get better at dodging before you win.

Forest: Alexander (The Forgotten)[]

Alexander, the Forgotten.


Alexander is a large floating skull with pink flames that resides in a large open room. The boss will chase the player, spawning enemies while doing so. He sends out pink missiles to entrap and damage the player.


  • He will chase you around the confines of the room, don't get caught!
  • He constantly spawns smaller skulls to aid him, be careful that your escape path is not cut off by them, and try not to take free damage from their attacks
  • He will occasionally stop and channel for a second before releasing a barrage of orbs in all 4 directions, cutting movement between each sector


  • The Spellsword is a good choice for this boss, their passive allows them to regenerate mana when they hit Alexander or his minions
  • The Lich (with Crow Storm spell) is also a good choice for this boss, their spell is able to hit a lot of enemies from a distance and add HP per one killed minion
  • The Hokage is likely to be able to one-hit the smaller skulls if your other characters can't.  A giant hokage can kill this boss easily due to the huge range on his sword and huge damage.
  • Vampirism/Balance/Siphon runes could work as there are a hefty number of minions to kill if the boss battle drags on
  • Whenever he pauses to send out the large missiles, either attack him or attack the smaller skulls to ensure that he dies quickly and that he doesn't accumulate too many allies
  • Haste runes, or speed in general (from ADHD/Hokage) will help in ensuring that you don't get trapped by either the boss or his minions
  • Any spells that hit multiple enemies (Chakram, etc.) will ensure that you still hit his weaker (but dangerous in numbers) allies that tend to end up following the boss
  • The Blade Wall spell is particularly effective against bosses - with proper placement, each casting can hit the boss several times
  • Be careful that you don't get caught in a corner when he stops to cast his missiles, it makes it far too easy for the smaller minions to close in for free damage on you
  • The minions are faster than the boss, so whenever they build up you can flee the boss and take them out individually before returning your attention to Alexander.
  • You will likely need at least one Vault/Sky rune to ensure that you don't get caught by Alexander or his minions 
  • Alexander is a "spirit" type of enemy, so he can pass through walls, like his allies, care for that.
  • In the Ng+, minions that he spawns are harder, so prioritize them.

Remix (Alexander the IV)[]

Alexander the IV is the remix counterpart to Alexander, he is yellow with red flames. The stage consists of four platforms with a row of spikes between the sets of 2 surrounded by spikes. You will receive the Ostiophobia achievement for beating him.

This boss is arguably the most difficult of the remix bosses, and may require numerous attempts. You take far less damage from the spikes than from the boss or his minions, so throwing yourself into the spikes on purpose will keep you alive longer. Prioritize the minions for 4 HP of health regeneration per kill and so that the screen doesn't turn into a bullet hell, but don't forget to hit Alexander the IV whenever you get the chance. The best chances are when he stops a short distance from you diagonally, as he only shoots fireballs horizontally and vertically and you can get a few hits in.

A Bug strategy for the Remix (Alexander the IV) that you could exploit is to bait him to the left side and quickly go to the right side. Sometimes he will stay at the left side while you're at the right. Remix (Alexander the IV) will just spawn his minion skulls to the left until he can't anymore. Then you just have to bait only him to the right side and fight him 1v1 without the minions.

Maya: Ponce de Leon (The Sentinel)[]

Ponce de Leon, the Sentinel.


Ponce de Leon is a large orange fireball that resides in a large open room with multiple platforms and moving spikeballs. The boss will chase the player, leaving a flaming trail; occasionally pausing to charge at the player. this is problably a reference to juan ponce de leon.

Health: 2345

Damage: 73

Level: 63


  • He will constantly chase you around the room
  • While moving, he will periodically leave a large flame in his wake - this will remain for about the time it take for him to do a lap around the perimeter of the room
  • He will occasionally pause, glow, and then move at you at an accelerated rate - several of these can be done in a row
  • There are spikeballs throughout the room, be wary of where they are and where you need to be


  • The Barbarian is a good choice for this boss, their high health allows them to tank quite a few of the shots before dying and the Shout class skill can remove any active flames from the arena.
  • The Hokage is also a good choice for this boss, their high base melee damage ensures that every hit counts, and with its Substitution Jutsu, you can always teleport to safety in a pinch
  • The Spellthief/Spellsword is another good choice since its empowered spells allow you to damage on the move. A well placed Blade Wall while he's charging up or right after the charge will hit him multiple times for heavy damage. An empowered Flame Barrier while striking him will make quick work of him as well.
  • The Dragon is a nice choice if you do enough magic damage, since you don't have to worry about where to jump when you can fly.
  • Vampirism/Balance/Siphon runes will be next to useless because only the boss/spikeballs will die
  • Retaliation runes might help if you're struggling with avoiding the spikeballs - after getting hit once by one you won't have to worry about it again
  • Avoid playing with the trait Gigantism, it will make it difficult to jump through the gaps left by his flame trail, or the gaps presented by the arrangement of spikeballs
  • You can usually knock in two attacks when he pauses before you need to run to escape his quick dash towards you
  • You can bait his dash away from where you are by jumping at the right time - however, you must jump/move away fairly late
  • Always bait him around the entire room - his flame trail lasts a while, and you don't want to have to play hopscotch through it while he's chasing you
  • You will likely need at least one or two Vault/Sky runes (depending on how confident you are), to ensure that you don't get stuck dodging the boss, his flames, and the spikeballs.
  • This is a "avoid hazards" battle, so hit-and-run skills are very useful
  • It is possible to beat him by literally standing in place. In most cases he will slowly circle around the player, opening himself for attacks every time he passes over the head. The damage caused by dashing is not too high and can be tanked. Worked well with both Barbarian and Hokage.
  • You can beat him easily with an Archmage who has the Flame Barrier spell simply by dodging his flames and being near him to touch him with the spell. He will follow you and will take great damage until his death if you do this right. Some Vault/Sky runes are necessary.

Remix (Ponce de Freon)[]

Ponce de Freon is the remix counterpart to Ponce de Leon, he is red with green flames. Beating him will yield the Chemophobia achievement. His stage consists of a large box with three platforms at the top, and you can jump in midair up to five times.

If Freon is close to you when he's about to dash, hit him a couple of times and then get out of the way. You can then most likely repeat as he usually dashes at least twice in a row and sometimes more. The green flames he leaves behind take longer to dissipate this time, so avoid retracing your path, but if you're in a tight spot you can use the Barbarian's shout to clear all of the flames on the screen, up to 3 times.

Land of Darkness: Herodotus (The Infinite)[]


Herodotus. The Infinite

Herodotus is a massive light blue slime that resides in a large open room with multiple platforms and spiketraps along the majority of the floor. The boss will chase and jump at the player, splitting after taking enough damage;  and only dying when all parts are killed. There are a number of crates that litter the room.


  • Every time he dies he will split into two smaller slimes (32 in total to kill), and will spawn a Gravisor every time he splits
  • He will constantly bounce around the screen, and can travel surprisingly far
  • The Gravisors will summon large stalagmites from yellow marks on the ground - beware of these


  • When using a high strength class it is best to take this boss slowly, break the slime up then kill the Gravisors one at a time, while this method is much slower than the other methods, it is much safer and prevents you from being overwhelmed.
  • The Lich with Crow Storm spell, full converted mana, and Siphon runes makes this boss almost a joke, even in NG+. The battle can be won by spamming Crow Storm and jumping on the upper platforms to avoid smaller slimes.
  • The Spellthief/Spellsword and Mage/Archmage is a good choice for this boss, their spell is able to hit a large number of enemies from distance, and these two classes tend to have large reserves of mana and ways to recover it - ensuring that they have enough to finish the fight. In NG+, an Assassin with upgraded crit chance and crit damage can also make quick work of this boss (since Gravisors can be killed with 1 crit, and slime splitting also becomes easier).
  • The following spells seem to work well against Herodotus, as they often hit multiple enemies (or give you the chance to do so yourself): Flame Barrier, Conflux, Timestop, Crow Storm, Chakram
  • Crow storm with a large mana pool is particularly bonkers against this boss with enough siphon.  Essentially the strategy is to break the first slime, then maybe one of the half-slimes, and then just spam crows until you win.
  • P.A.D. works wonders in disabling the bottom floor spiketraps so that you can roam freely to pick off smaller slimes
  • Try to kill one side of the 'family tree' of slimes first - if you kill all the larger ones on instinct you'll soon find far too many slimes to kill
  • Be careful of the center platform, slimes can easily jump up from both directions and pin you
  • Vampirism/Balance/Siphon are useful because each slime counts as a kill for them, as well as the Gravisors they spawn.
  • There are a number of crates in the room, you could attempt to smash a few to get health/mana if you were desperate and had a moment from the fight
  • It's possible to stun-lock Herodotus with the Flame Barrier spell if you catch him in a corner. The Hypergonadism trait can help with this. Using a Spellsword's empowered Flame Barrier with high Magic Damage while slashing will end him quickly.
  • Gianticism and any tanky character (Paladin or Barbarian) along with blade wall is a really good combo against Herodotus as you can corner it and spam blade wall. the blade wall would keep the slimes from getting knocked back while keeping them from falling down from the little gap as you can constantly spam your down slash. 
  • This battle forces you to not stay on a single place, unlike Khidr, you must move permanently or stay on the higher platforms.
  • Larger slimes jump higher than little
  • If you are having problems with the little slimes, you can run to the other side of the room and use a Chakram to raid them off.
  • Playing as a Half-Dragon allows you to kill the slimes at your own pace and fight the Gravisors out of their spell range.
  • Empowered Chakram is hilariously effective once you have taken it down to many smaller slimes on the ground, as you can just spam the spell, and watch it sweep the floor clean.

Remix (Astrodotus)[]

The Astrodotus fight resembles a game of Asteroids, the edges of the screen wrap around and the boss splits in two every time it is hit. There are two starting slimes, one is green (Astrodotus) and the other red (Herodotus). This fight is unique, not resembling any other boss fight. Winning the fight yields the Astrophobia achievement.

It is recommended to finish off the smallest pieces of blobs first, in order not to have too many enemies on the screen at once. It's recommended to completely kill the red blob first, as it is faster and will wear you down by attrition. Once the red one is dead you can move on to the green one.

Another method of defeating them is by constantly flying up, taking care to dodge as you go, and spamming the attack while alternating direction of attack. If done correctly, the fight shouldn't take more than 2 minutes.

Final: Johannes (The Traitor) - First Form[]


Johannes is a grey statue-looking knight that mostly resembles the player. 

Johannes, The Traitor

He resides in a large, high-roofed hall - the last room from the Tutorial, with two extendable platforms and several destructible objects. The boss will chase the player, attacking with a variety of attacks and is extremely dangerous.


  • Mainly mirrors the player's abilities, and can dash.
  • Slashes with his sword when in close range.
  • Throws a spread of daggers (~5) in the player's direction when far away, it can be cast multiple times in a row, invincible during the first few frames of the throwing motion (daggers pass right through him, at least)
  • Throws multiple axes (~5) into the air at random angles while jumping and moving forward - it can be cast multiple times in a row
  • Places a Blade Wall and dashes through to the other side, he sometimes entraps the player in these


  • The Barbarian is a good choice for this boss, their high health allows them to tank quite a few of the shots before dying, and the shout removes all projectiles, making the fight fairly easy if you use the mana wisely.
  • Flying makes this a lot easier - his axes can be flown over due to the height of the room, and his daggers/blade walls are almost useless at range when you can gain height over them
  • Hypergonadism makes it significantly easier as a Half-Dragon to keep him off your back, as does being Ambilevous, as that way you can run away and ensure he still takes damage
  • Sometimes fleeing his axe attack is the wrong decision - often there is a gap left between the left, middle, and right axes where you can stand your ground safely
  • Avoid getting caught in a corner off guard - he can easily entrap you there
  • Retaliation runes can be effective with high HP pool, since Johannes attacks very frequently compared to other bosses. However, taking too much damage in this fight is not optimal, since you will have to fight his second form right after.
  • Vampirism/Balance/Siphon runes will be next to useless because there are no normal mobs to leech from.
  • You can destroy the small number of environmental objects in the room if you're desperate for healing/mana
  • Hit-and-run tactics works well if you want to play safe. Bait and avoid one attack, land a counter strike, and gain safe distance again to repeat the process. Staying in melee range and trading hits can often lead to your defeat, since the boss has far bigger HP pool than your hero, and also has a second form with a whole new HP pool.
  • Staying close will usually lead to the boss using either Blade Wall or melee swing, staying at mid-range to Jump and Axe Throw, long range to Dagger throw. Latter two leave easier openings for a counter strike.
  • You can also use a combination of Spellsword and Flame Barrier running into him while mashing the attack button. If he hits the wall he'll probably jump in your wall and being encapsulated by it so you can strike him down having enough mana to berserk the second form with this strategy.
  • A Combination of the Dagger spell and a Mage or a Spellsword lets you attack from afar at your leisure, as attacks throw him back, and you only really need to worry about his daggers and avoiding him when he's close by. Try not to waste too much mana attacking him when he's throwing daggers, as your daggers phase right through when he does that attack.
  • it is hard to memorize his pattern due to him having a large pool of AI algorithms (possibly dependent on class)

Remix (The Brohannes)[]

The remix version of Johannes, basically just two Johannes that are red and purple. You fight the battle as Johannes himself, of the Traitor class (which will be new to you). Assuming you have previously fought Johannes, his special abilities will be familiar to you: his normal magical attack is a flurry of daggers and his special ability is multiple axes arcing in front of and behind you. You may also dash and press special to create a wall of swords.

The best strategy involves having both Brohannes on the same side of you, so that you don't have to avoid attacks from both sides and so that your dagger attack will most likely hit both of them. However, if you can focus your attacks on and kill a single one, fighting the remaining one is much easier.

There is a strategy that seems to work almost every time and makes the fight laughably easy. Once you've killed one of them, go immediately to the other Brohannes, corner him with the blade spell if necessary, and wait for him to jump. When he does, place yourself on the ground so you can intercept him on the way down with a normal attack. This will knock the Brohannes back to the wall and cause him to dash forward right to where he just was above you for you to hit again. Sometimes he will dash multiple times in the air but will always end coming towards you, so if you miss your first swing just mash attack and you should intercept him. Once he's dead, rinse and repeat on the other Brohannes; though the light one does tend to air dash more than the dark one.

Winning this fight unlocks the Traitor class for your heirs and earns the Syngenesophobia achievement.

Final: The Fountain - Second Form[]


The Fountain

The Fountain is a large purple knight that comes forth from the stone fountain in the right-most area of the room after the player fights Johannes and succeeds. The boss will chase the player, attempting to kill them with indirect AoE attacks, as well as melee strikes.


  • Blue glowing daggers appear in a random pattern on the wall The Fountain is next to and travel across the room
  • Blue glowing swords appear beneath the floor and travel upwards slowly
    • There are gaps in the swords you can stand in for safety
    • The swords never appear next to the walls, so standing there is safe
  • Pauses a moment with his sword in the air and then attacks once
  • Phases out and moves to the middle, or one of the sides
  • Sends out an attack from the center of the room that turns one side of the room's floor into a sword pit for a few seconds, leaving the player to escape or take a lot of damage


  • The Barbarian is a good choice for this boss, their high health allows them to tank quite a few of the shots before dying, and the shout removes all projectiles, making the fight fairly easy if you use the mana wisely.
  • Flying is advantageous - being a Half-Dragon makes avoiding a lot of his attacks significantly easier
  • His melee attacks are the most exploitable, try and get as much free damage then as possible
  • Make certain not to stand next to where he is going if he phases out, he can damage you on touch if you're standing where he materializes
  • When Johannes dies, mana potions and chicken legs are dropped - take them if you need them - they allow you to replenish, but keep in mind that The Fountain gives you no time to take them freely, he will attack you while you loot
  • Vampirism/Balance/Siphon runes will be useless because only the boss will die
  • The Barbarian's Shout or the Assassin's Invisibility, as well as Paladin's Block are extremely useful at destroying/dodging the sword attacks and allow the player to be unheeded by them
  • The Knife spell as used by a Mage or a Spellsword works even better against this form than normal Johannes, as he does not become unhittable as often when at range. However a Mage might be seriously out of mana by this point, so a spellsword may be preferable for the dagger approach. MP-draining can still be hazardous, but shouldn't be too difficult if you time if right.
  • Blade wall will hit him continuously when he stands still to use his various powers.
  • When he is turning the entire floor into a sword pit, use this opportunity to perform Pogo attacks. There is a lot of time and it can really rack up the damage against him.


All the bosses are connected to their legendary/historical counterpart and their location in the game reflects their known adventure:

  • Alexander and Khidr (also known as Andrias), in the Alexander Romance, search for the Fountain of Youth in an abkhazian forest: Alexander is lost in it and will never return (like the boss counterpart), while Khidr find the Source of Life (Nearest to the Final Boss, which is the Fountain itself).
  • Juan Ponce de León was a Spanish explorer of the XV century searching for the Fountain of Youth in a hidden Island on the summit of a huge hill or a mountain (represented as a high Tower in the game). He couldn't find it but in his attempt as a conquistador, he discovered Florida.
  • Herodotus was an ancient Greek historian who wrote about the Fountain of Youth in one of his tales, addressing its location to an underground acquifers in Ethiopia (the southern Land of Darkness in Rogue Legacy) to explain Ethiopian longevity to the contemporary.

Sources for Trivia: Enriko,Wikipedia

Arrange: Garland Il Bardo