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 For information about how Traits are selected in the game, see Traits Breakdown.

There are currently a total of 37 known traits.


Name Description Effect


"So Energetic! You move faster." Character moves 30% faster.
Alektorophobia "Chickens freak you out." Sometimes, instead of dropping a chicken leg, a chicken is spawned that runs around and can even damage the hero. Killing this chicken will drop a normal chicken leg and grants the achievement Alektorophobia. As long as you do not kill the chicken, you can come back to the room later, kill it and still pick up the normal chicken leg.
Alzheimers "You have trouble remembering where you are." 

The Map is removed entirely yet the Minimap still functions normally. You can still get a look at the map when accessing waypoints (but with no info and little navigation).

Ambilevous "You've got two left hands, and can't cast spells properly." You have question marks come above your head and you cast projectile spells behind you rather than from your front.

This can be useful if you´re playing as the dragon class since it´s easy to run away from bosses while still attacking them.

Baldness "The bald and the beautiful"  Removes feathers from helmet. 

Makes the loading screen for the Castle say 'Balding' instead of 'Building.'


"Congenital Insensitivity to Pain. Know no pain." Hero health is hidden from view.
Clonus "You have random muscle spasms." Occasionally during gameplay, the game controller will vibrate suddenly and intensely for approximately 5 seconds. On PC (console untested), the screen will also shake somewhat.
Clumsy "You break a lot of things." Hero cannot stand on bookshelves and all breakable objects will be broken when touched.

Currently when landing on top of breakable objects, there is a momentary collision that allows the Hero to jump off of the objects if the jump is timed properly.

Color Blind "You can't see colors because of monochromacy." 

This will cause the world to be in grayscale.  This will not affect the options menu, or the map when you pause the game.

Coprolalia "%#&@!"

Hero "swears" (actually a grawlix) when hit, reducing recovery time. The Hero's final words are also replaced with a "swear".

Originally called Tourettes

Coprolalia Example

Dextrocardia "Your HP and MP pools are swapped. Who knew?"  HP and MP bars switch places and maximum values.
Dementia "You are insane!" The player occasionally hears creepy laughter and noises.

The player will also occasionally see enemies that don't "exist." Attacks from these enemies will do no damage, and the player cannot damage these enemies. Any attempts by the player to damage them will only result in question marks floating up from the enemy's head.

Hallucinated enemies are sometimes from another part of the castle than you are currently in, and are always lowest-tier enemies, e.g. Corrupt Knight instead of Corrupt Vanguard or Corrupt Lord. This makes spotting hallucinations particularly easy in New Game+ modes.

Dwarfism "You never get to ride rollercoasters." 

Makes hero incredibly small, which allows access to many secret areas and shortcuts.  However, swing range is greatly shortened.

Dyslexia "You hvae trboule raednig tinhgs." Turns some text in the game into text which has all but the first and last letters scrambled. Oddly enough it also scrambles dialogue (such as that given by the blacksmith or enchantress).
Ectomorph "You're skinny, so every hit sends you flying." Greatly increases knockback from enemy attacks.

Your character will also appear to be quite skinny.

EHS "You conduct electricity really well." While in possession of this trait all platforms will stay open all the time.
Eid. Mem. "You remember things with extreme clarity."  Enemies, chests, events and warp locations of visited rooms appears on your map.
Endomorph "You're so heavy, enemies can't knock you back." Removes knockback from enemy attacks. Also makes the hero slightly larger.
Far-sighted Your vision is blurry near your character.
Flexible "You are very flexible." The hero can turn mid-swing to redirect their attack.

"You are a fan of the man." If Male

"You like the ladies." If Female

"You're fabulous." (Demo Only)

Reverses which statue (knight or lady) grants the chicken leg or mana potion in waypoint rooms.

Changing who greets the player as their lover in the final cutscene.

Gigantism "You were born to be a basketball player."

Makes your sprite very large.  Increases your hitbox and your swing range.

Glaucoma "It's so dark."

Experience darkness in all zones.

Fully counteracted by a headlamp.


"You are perma-roided. Every attack knocks enemies back further."

Drastically improves knockback.

Hypochondriac "You tend to EXAGGERATE"

When the player is hurt, a four- or five-digit number will show as the damage dealt.

The damage number will be approximately 100 times the damage you receive: Looking at the first two/three digits of the number will tell you how much damage you took.

I.B.S "Even the most valiant heroes can suffer from irritable bowels."  Hero occasionally farts while jumping or dashing.
Muscle Wk. "You have weak limbs. Enemies won't get knocked back." You can't knock back enemies.
Near-sighted "Anything far away is blurry" The area of the screen away from the hero is blurred.
Nostalgic "You miss the good old days."

Gives the game a sepia tone and a grainy overlay, as in the tutorial.

Makes the loading screen for the Castle say 'Reminiscing' instead of 'Building.'

O.C.D. "Must. Clear. House. Break stuff to restore MP." Hero gains 1 MP per environmental object destroyed. (vase, table, chair, etc.).


"Peripheral Arterial Disease. No foot pulse." Hero does not set off spike traps.
Prosopagnosia "You can't tell people apart." You cannot see any information about your successors (name, class, traits, etc.) when choosing one for the next run
Savant "You're very talented. With a few issues."  Gives you a random spell after you cast the one currently displayed.
Stereo Blind "You can't see in 3D."

Both the hero and enemies do not have turning animations and instead will show as a flipping sprite.

Some enemy sprites move behind objects in the background, briefly obscuring them.

Tunnel Vision "No peripheral vision."  Projectile indicators at the edge of the screen are not shown.  
The One "There is no spork."

Changes the background and foreground textures to a futuristic black-and-neon theme. This is the same theme used in all Boss Remix rooms.

Makes the loading screen for the Castle say "Jacking In" (Which is a reference to the Matrix trilogy movies) instead of "Building".

Vertigo "Welcome to Barfs-ville."  Everything on the screen is mirrored vertically (simply rotating the picture/screen will still be reversed.) The only exception is the castle upgrade screen (all NPC menus are still flipped).
Vertigo Example

Quote from developers: Near Sighted and Far sighted traits were originally called Myopia and Hyperopia. A lot of the trait names were changed to make it easy for people to see at a glance. For example, Hypergonadism and Hypogonadism gave large knockback and no knockback respectively. Hypogonadism was turned into Muscle Weakness to make it easier for people to see the difference from visually skimming the character portraits.

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