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You are a man-dragon.

The Dragon

The Dragon is more of a race than a class, and it is different from every other type of hero. A Dragon cannot attack with a sword. Instead, a Dragon receives the Dragon Fire spell. This attack costs 15 MP and shoots a fireball straight ahead, dealing 100% INT of damage to the first enemy hit and the spell replenishes automatically. This spell, unlike Dagger, has a limited range. It can be accessed by either the Attack or Spell keys.

Additionally, a Dragon cannot jump. Rather, it is able to fly in all directions with infinite duration. This can be activated/deactivated by using either the Jump or the Special keys.

40% HP, 25% MP
Other Traits
Dragon Fire (replaces sword attack), Fly indefinitely (replaces jump), Regenerates 8MP per second
Spells Available
Dragon Fire


  • The Dragon class is unlocked on the castle tech tree by the Beastiality upgrade. It is at the top and is hidden outside the view, so you will have to scroll up.
  • Flight can be accessed by either Special or Jump key.
  • Dragon Fire can be accessed by either Spell or Attack key.
  • Dragon Fire fires as fast as you can hit the Spell or Attack key, but any target hit by it cannot be hit again until its hit stun has worn off. Fire at regular time intervals(similar to your regular sword hits) to conserve MP while fighting single targets.
  • Sprint rune works normally in the air, but will interrupt your current flight. You cannot sprint in the air until you have touched the ground, after which the sprint counter will reset.
  • Be sure to equip this hero properly. Dragons deal more damage with higher INT, but gain no benefit from STR, Critical Hit and Sky/Vault runes, and also very little benefit from Siphon runes. This can be both good and bad, since it makes a lot of equipment's stats and upgrades useless but also opens up a lot of options in choosing equipment and runes. It's highly recommended to swap your normal high damage sword for one that grants you armor (Guardian Sword), extra gold (Sage Sword), Vampirism(Blood Sword), or retaliation damage (Retribution Sword).
  • Spell altars will always hold Dragon Fire while playing as a Dragon, so you can freely pick them up to no benefit. Exception for this rule is spell altars found by the Dragon's predecessor, if you have locked down the castle with the Architect. Dragons can also replace their Dragon Fire with the Axe and/or Dagger spells by playing at the Carnival, but this will only last until you leave the room.
  • Range of Dragon Fire is not affected by your character's size, so the Dwarfism Trait can be taken to decrease the size of your hitbox without any penalties.