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"You will never ride a rollercoaster"

Dwarfism is a trait that makes the character smaller than normal. This trait cannot (for obvious reasons) be had at the same time as Gigantism.

A Dwarf Charater.png


  • A smaller hitbox means that it is much easier to evade attacks
  • Being shorter allows the player to slip through small gaps that are marked by darker patches of ground - these can either be simple shortcuts and alternate routes around the room, or lead to treasure that the adventurer's larger counterparts are unable to attain


  • A smaller sword swing means that the character must be much closer to the target of his or her attacks
  • Sometimes this results in the player being forced to jump to hit enemies that they otherwise would be able to hit normally


  • In the demo, Dwarfism also has the effects of P.A.D - traps will not be set off.