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The Enchantress is one of the first upgrades in Rogue Legacy, and is found on the right side of the Manor. You can buy and equip runes from her.

Enchantments of the same type stack, and increase the abilities of the enchantment.

Enchantments are enabled by finding their corresponding rune in a Fairy Chest

The first rune you purchase will cost 175 gold, and the price will increase by 175 for each rune you buy (e.g., your fifth rune will cost 875 gold). This results in the last rune costing a staggering 9,625 gold, and the total cost of purchasing every rune sits at 269,500 gold.


Name Enchantment
Sprint rune.png Sprint Rune Gain the power to dash short distances, as well as in the air.
Vault rune.png Vault Rune Grants you the power to jump again in mid-air.
Bounty rune.png Bounty Rune Increase value of picked up gold by 10% (+1 to base gold amount)
Siphon rune.png Siphon Rune Steals mana from slain enemies. *Amount of MP restored is 2x the Siphon points. The multiplier increases by 1 per New Game.
Retaliation rune.png Retaliation Rune Returns 50% damage taken from enemies.
Curse rune.png Grace Rune Enemies scale slower, easier but lesser rewards. (Enemies level up slower)
Balance rune.png Balance Rune Slaying enemies grants both HP and MP. *Amount of HP & MP restored is 1x the Siphon points. The multiplier increases by 1 per New Game.
Grace rune.png Curse Rune Harder enemies, but greater rewards.
Vampire rune.png Vampire Rune

Killing enemies will drain them of their health. *Amount of HP restored is 2x the Vampirism points. The multiplier increases by 1 per New Game.

Sky rune.png Sky Rune Grants limited flight (0.6 Seconds)
Haste rune.png Haste Rune Move Faster (20%)