A lich queen with the gigantism trait

Traits ‣ Gigantism

"You were born to play basketball"

Gigantism is a trait that makes your character much bigger but not heavier (however, if the player falls a long distance, it may "thud" with a cloud of dust upon landing; this is purely cosmetic). You cannot have this trait at the same time as Dwarfism.


  • A much larger sword swing results in more enemies being caught out, as well as being able to attack from further away.
  • Fairy chest + "Destroy all enemies" with starburst below the floor can be killed by attacking below you from jump.


  • A larger hitbox means that it is very hard to dodge attacks with this trait - especially those that fire multiple projectiles with small gaps between each.
  • Difficulties fitting through some smaller gaps that a normal character have no problems with.
  • There are almost no secret passages that you can fit in with gigantism.