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"A risky hero. Low stats, but can land devastating critical strikes. "

One of the base classes initially available to the player. Knaves are fragile and relatively weak, but they gain the benefit of critical hits and largely increased Critical Hit Damage, which can make them quite powerful.

75% HP, 65% MP, 75% STR
Other Traits
+15% Critical Hit Chance +125% Critical Hit Damage
Spells Available
Quantum Translocator, Dagger, Axe


Assassin Icon

Upgrade: Assassin Edit

  • Special: Mist Form (Cost: 5 MP, 14 MP per sec)

Activating Mist Form places the Assassin into a state of stealth, in which they will avoid all damage from enemies and projectiles. It consumes MP quickly while maintained, but can be ended by pressing the Special key again, or by attacking.

An important note is that the Assassin can cast spells while in Mist Form without ending the effect.

Trivia Edit

  • Both the Knave and Assassin have a black cloud following them. This has no function and is only for visual effect.

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