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One of the base classes initially available to the player. They have no major advantages or disadvantages.

100% HP, MP, STR and INT
Other Traits
Spells Available
Axe, Dagger, Chakram, Scythe, Conflux


Paladin Icon

Upgrade: Paladin Edit

  • Special: Guardians Shield (Cost: 25 MP)

The Paladin can block all incoming damage while holding down the Special key. Note that the 25 MP cost is only consumed when the block takes place, not when the button is pressed. The player may still casts spells while blocking but this will hinder their Mana greatly and may cause them to stop blocking.

In addition, by pressing Down+Special, the Paladin will become a statue. While in this state, the Paladin will be unable to move, but will take no damage or knock-back and will damages enemies on touch. Entering statue form costs 15 MP initially, and additional 4 MP per second as long as it is maintained. (This does not work on bosses as they will still damage you).

Trivia Edit

  • A Paladin's statue form is similar in function and appearance to the statue form provided by the Tanuki Suit in Super Mario Bros. 3.

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