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"A being of mammoth potential."

The Lich is unique in that they begin with very low HP, but increases with each life they take (increasing from 35% to a maximum of 100%). They are stronger with spells than brute force, although their initial MP reserves are rather low as well. Their true Strength lies in their ability to gain Strength over time.

150% Int / 35% starting HP (up to 100%), 50% starting MP (up to 200%), 75% STR
Other Traits
Each kill increases Current HP and Max HP by 4
Spells Available
Conflux, Crow Storm, Flame Barrier

Lich King Icon

Upgrade: Lich King/Lich Queen[]

  • Special: Conversion

By using their Conversion ability, the Lich King/Queen will halve their Max HP, and add it to their Max MP. This will allow them to produce a very large mana pool (up to 200% of the base MP stat) with repeated applications.

It can be tricky to balance keeping HP with increasing MP. Generally speaking, it is best to use Conversion ability after reaching the HP cap and are no longer receiving Max HP upgrades, but only if you feel confident that you can stay alive with 50% HP.

It's worth noting that Conversion only converts your Max HP, not your Current HP. If you are below 50% of your current Max HP and use Conversion, you will not lose any HP in the process.

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