Rogue Legacy Wiki


Contains information about normal room layouts (currently empty)

Hidden Room[]

Each castle includes one hidden room, which contains two chests.  The special item Calypso's Compass can be used to pinpoint its location.

Bonus rooms[]

Bonus rooms are rooms with special features or objects and that appear with a purple "?" icon in the map. In most cases, once their object or feature is used, they cannot be used again for the same castle layout.


Booyan´s room


Carnival Clown Booyan gives the player a chance to play a free minigame, either dagger throwing or axe tossing, which with a good enough performance, a player can earn prizes. The Spellthief/Spellsword class was previously able to perform better due to the enhanced spells that they can create, but is no longer possible. Pressing the hotkey assigned to the enhanced spell will cause nothing to happen.

Dagger throw: The player has a maximum of 12 daggers to throw at moving targets from behind a barrier, with the first success giving 10 gold and each progressive success offering (10 x Number of Total Success) of gold, e.g. The 4th success gives you 40 gold and the 5th success gives you 50 gold. If you hit eight or more targets, players are given more gold and a special chest. 

Axe toss: The player must use a limited quantity of axes to destroy stationary targets that are in a 10x10 grid. If the player destroys 90 or more of the targets, they are granted gold and a special chest.

Cheapskate Elf


The Cheapskate or Miserly Elf offers the player a chance to gamble a quarter of their current gold for the possibility of gaining triple their remaining gold by choosing one of three chests guarded by the elf, however, if you fail to choose the correct chest, the elf will insult you and visibly laugh. 

The special item Nerdy Glasses indicates which chest is the correct one.

Also, the gold dropped by the correct chest is equal to three times the gold held by the character disregarding the gold bonuses that are active on the character at the time; this means that a character with 100 gold and no gold bonuses ends with 400 gold and losing 25. A character with 100 gold and a 100% gold bonus gains 600 gold, twice what would be expected, ending up with 700 gold.  This means that a character with a large amount of gold and large gold bonuses from NewGame+, Equipment, Levels and Runes, can wipe out huge swathes of the manor.

Game Portraits

Showcases the games previously developed by Cellar Door Games, though rarely, the portrait may actually be Sallos, the Mini-Boss of the Doomvas family.

Bug- if you press up to read the portrait and escape to pause the game at the same time and then select "Quit to Title Screen" the game will crash. This happens most likely because the game attempts to read the dialogue from the portrait while its not present and it tries to load the title screen at the same time.


Contains mini-bosses that can be fought for large gold rewards, blueprints and stat bonuses.

Journal Room

Jornual room 2.png
Contains a new entry of the diary, or access to the complete diary after the player has collected the 24th entry.

Spell Altar

Contains a random spell that the player can switch for their own, though they cannot regain their original spell.


The teleporter will let you teleport to any other previously found teleporter. 


There will always be one in the starting room, in front of boss doors, and generally before a section change (e.g. the last room in the castle before the forest).

With the exception of the teleporter in the starting room, there will always be statues in the room that contain a chicken leg on the left and a potion on the right. The statue drops are switched by the Gay trait.

If the teleporter is maroon and there are no statues, it is a random teleporter, leading to a random room in the castle. New players and low level characters should avoid these as they may lead to areas that are much more difficult, such as the Dungeon.

Random Teleporter

Random teleporter.png
The random teleporter will teleport you into a random room of the castle.


You can distinguish a random teleporter from a regular teleporter by its maroon color and the absence of statutes in the room.

Do note that using the same teleporter will teleport you to another random room; getting the same room twice in a row is very unlikely but possible.

Also note that you may choose to teleport to the random teleporter from one of the normal ones.

Spiritual Shrine

The Shrine is a statue that will give you the option to pray for assistance, which nets the player a random item that is placed in the empty slot next to the spell slot.


Items given and their effects can be found on the special items page, and are only temporary; they are not used by other children.

Using the Shrine causes it to become greyed out and unusable for a second time, however if a player comes across and prays at another Shrine in the same Castle layout, their current item will be removed and replaced with a new random item.

The Shrine statue also looks remarkably like Charon. 

Wolf Fountain

Wolf Fountain.png
The Fountain restores both Health and Mana simultaneously, however it only works once. The Health and Mana given is equal to twice the Health or Mana given by a chicken leg or potion.


As the Health and Mana given is equal to both what two chicken legs and potions, the total Health and Mana given back is between 20% to 30%, depending on a player's Potion Up stat.



The jukebox will let you cycle through different music tracks. The music returns to normal upon entering a new area.