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"A fast hero."

Shinobi are fast and strong, thanks to greatly increased Strength. They have low HP and MP, and are unable to perform critical hits, but their massive damage output makes them a force to be reckoned with.

175% STR / 60% HP, 40% MP
Other Traits
30% Haste, No Critical Hits
Spells Available
Quantum Translocator, Dagger, Chakram, Axe


Hokage Icon

Upgrade: Hokage Edit

  • Special: Replacement Technique (Cost: 5 MP)

When the Special key is pressed, the Hokage will disappear and teleport forward (in the direction faced). This technique can pass through projectiles and enemies, but will not go through walls.

Trivia Edit

  • The Hokage class takes its name from the manga/anime Naruto. In that series, the title "Hokage" is given to strongest ninja and leader of Hidden Leaf Village.
  • The ninja headband worn by both Shinobi and Hokage is also a reference to the Naruto series.
  • When using the Replacement Technique, a log appears where the Hokage was previously standing. This is a reference to a ninja technique known as kawarimi [1], in which the ninja utilizes split-second timing to replace their body with another object to avoid harm.

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