For spell damage calculation see Stats#Intelligence

List of spells each class can obtain: Spell List

Spells are a random ability each hero is granted access to upon generation.

Spells Properties (Merge both tables if possible)
TIME_BOMBRunic Trigger151.5101
TIME_STOPStop Watch150302
TRANSLOCATORQuantum Translocator50003
DRAGON_FIREDragon Fire1510.3503

What do those columns actually mean ?

DMG MULT = Int Damage multiplier/modifier. So if you had 100 int. And DMG mult was 1.0, you would deal 100 dmg. If DMG mult was 1.5 you would deal 150 dmg with that spell.

ALT MOD X/Y changes depending on the spell. So for the boomerang I think it modified distance it travelled before turning back. For the ricochet spell it changed it's lifespan (but it didn't due to a bug), etc. As to what each does I can't remember the specifics, sorry.

Rarity was an internal modifer which affected what subweapon you got. I think... Yeah. Pretty sure rarity isn't used anymore. It's a dead value. Or maybe it's still used to determine the rarity of spells which appear in the Castle.

Spell List Edit

Spell Description Use MP Cost
Blade Wall Summon a Grand Blade to defend you. Casts a static vertical sword in front of you. Sword damages enemies who come in contact with it and blocks a few projectiles. 15
Flame Barrier* Encircles you with protective fire. Summons several flame balls that rotate around the hero, damaging everything they come in contact with. Drains MP continuously until dismissed.  *
Chakram Throws a chakram which comes back to you. Launches a metal disc straight ahead which reverses direction after a few seconds. Can score multiple hits on the same enemy. If you do not catch it on the return path, it will continue and hit enemies behind you. 15
Axe Throws a giant axe in an arc. Identical to the axe weapon from the Castlevania series, the axe can be used to reliably hit enemies above and below you. Can get multiple hits at the apex of the arc. 15
Dagger Fires a dagger directly in front of you. Identical to the dagger weapon from the Castlevania series. Fires in a straight line until it hits a wall. Useful for hitting off-screen enemies. 10
Conflux Launches orbs that bounce everywhere. Expels a spiked orb at four diagonal points from the hero. Orbs bounce around the room until they hit an enemy, exit to another room, or run into the hero. 30
Time Stop*+ Locks all enemies and projectiles in place as long as you have mana. You still take damage when running into time-stopped enemies. Enemies spawned while time is stopped are still able to move. *
Quantum Translocator drops and teleports to your shadow.  The first time per room this spell is cast will set the exit teleport location. The second cast returns the hero to the first spot. Cannot teleport between rooms. 5
Crow Storm+ Hits all enemies on screen. Costly. Summons an equal number of crows as nearby enemies. Crows will seek out enemies and deal damage to one enemy each before disappearing. Crows travel through walls. 40
Scythe Throws two scythes Good for hitting some of the annoying flying enemies directly above you and at a diagonal. 15
Dragon Fire+ Shoots fireballs at your enemies. Launches a short-ranged fireball directly in front of the hero.
  • * Channelled spell. Constantly drains mana until turned off or mana runs out.
  • + Class-specific spell.

Spell AvailabilityEdit

SpellThiefTrueTrueFalse FalseFalseFalseFalseTrueTrueTrueTrueFalseFalseFalse 
MageTrueTrueFalse TrueFalseFalseFalseTrueTrueTrueTrueTrueFalseFalse