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"A martial mage."

The Spellthief may appear slightly weak on the surface, with reduced MP and Strength, but they hold great spellpower. Unlike the Siphon ability that Mages, equipment, and runes grant, the Spellthief siphons mana on each hit, proportional to the damage done. Therefore, they benefit greatly from Critical Hit/Critical Damage boosts.


75% HP, 40% MP, 75% STR
Other Traits
Siphons mana with each melee hit (30% of Damage dealt)
Spells Available
Knife, Chakram, Axe, Scythe, Flame Barrier

Spell sword

Spellsword Icon

Upgrade: Spellsword Edit

  • Special: Empower Spell

Spells cast by Spellswords are Empowered - the projectiles are larger and do double damage. The downside is that the spells also cost twice as much to cast.

Trivia Edit

  • The Spellsword doesn't hold a sword but instead summons one only when attacking. The summoned sword has a sprite similar to the starter sword, but maintains the powers of the currently equipped sword.
  • Upon death, the death animation for the Spellsword still makes the sounds for throwing the sword and having it stab into the ground, regardless of his lack of sword.

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