Training dummy

Training Dummy

The training dummy can be hit indefinitely without dying, allowing you to test the damage of your weapons and spells after purchasing upgrades and gear. Every time you hit it, it will say something different where it's name should be.

It is level 2 at the beginning, although it is lvl 88 after the game is beaten.

Quotes Edit

  • "WHY???"
  • "That tickled"
  • "STOP IT!!"
  • "Dost thou even hoist?"
  • "Do you even lift?"
  • "Try again"
  • "Nice try"
  • "Ok, that one hurt"
  • "The pain!"
  • "Stop hitting me"
  • "Why you do this?"
  • "I give up"
  • "Ouch"
  • "What'd I do to you"
  • "That all you got?"
  • "It hurts so much"
  • "Oof"
  • "Training dummy"
  • "Oh god!"
  • "Weak"
  • "BLARGH"


  • If you pause the game, it is possible to view the next quote the training dummy will say when hit, as it will be its name.