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For list of trait descriptions See Traits

This shows the exhaustive list of how Traits are determined in Rogue Legacy. Information was gathered by using a decompiler.


There are 31 34 (list below at least doesn't include the trait: Flexible or Glaucoma or The One) traits in all - each with varying rarities. The following is a list of all traits as well as that trait's rarity.

Higher rarity implies harder to acquire. Lower rarity implies easier to acquire.

Trait Name Rarity
Color Blind 2
Gay 1
Near-Sighted 2
Far-Sighted 3
Dyslexia 3
Gigantism 1
Dwarfism 1
Baldness 1
Endomorph 1
Ectomorph 2
Alzheimers 3
Dextrocardia 2
Coprolalia 1
O.C.D. 1
Hypergonadism 1
Muscle Wk. 3
Stereo Blind 1
I.B.S. 2
Vertigo 3
Tunnel Vision 2
Ambilevous 2
P.A.D. 2
Alektorphobia 2
Hypochondriac 3
Dementia 3
E.D.S. 2
Eid. Mem. 2
Nostalgic 3
C.I.P. 3
Savant 2

Amount of traits[]

There is a 94% chance that a character will have at least 1 trait.

There is a 55% chance that a character will have 2 traits.

The game rolls for traits twice, with each roll having about a 74% chance of resulting in a trait and neither result affecting the other.

Trait selection[]

Then the game makes a dice roll to determine which rarity of traits to select from.

  • 50% - Level 1
  • 36% - Level 2
  • 14% - Level 3

The program then gathers all of the traits with the given rarity and randomly selects one of those traits to give the player.

If a champion receives a second trait, the odds and method of selection is exactly the same as the first trait. However, the game also checks for trait conflicts.

The trait conflicts are as follows:

  • Muscle Wk. vs. Hypergonadism
  • Endomorph vs. Ectomorph
  • Gigantism vs. Dwarfism
  • Near-sighted vs. Far-sighted
  • Color Blind vs. Nostalgic
  • Any trait v.s the same trait

Thus, no character can be both Near-sighted and Far-sighted, and no character can be both Color Blind and Nostalgic.


  • Different traits can be removed with the Nerdy Glasses, and most of the traits can be used to get to fairy chests or normal chests throughout the game in certain rooms.