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This shows the exhaustive list of how Traits are determined in Rogue Legacy. Information was gathered by using a decompiler.


There are 31 traits in all - each with varying rarities. The following is a list of all traits as well as that trait's rarity.

Higher rarity implies harder to acquire. Lower rarity implies easier to acquire.

Trait Name Rarity
Color Blind 2
Gay 1
Near-Sighted 2
Far-Sighted 3
Dyslexia 3
Gigantism 1
Dwarfism 1
Baldness 1
Endomorph 1
Ectomorph 2
Alzheimers 3
Dextrocardia 2
Coprolalia 1
O.C.D. 1
Hypergonadism 1
Muscle Wk. 3
Stereo Blind 1
I.B.S. 2
Vertigo 3
Tunnel Vision 2
Ambilevous 2
P.A.D. 2
Alektorphobia 2
Hypochondriac 3
Dementia 3
E.D.S. 2
Eid. Mem. 2
Nostalgic 3
C.I.P. 3
Savant 2

Amount of traitsEdit

There is a 94% chance that a champion will have at least 1 trait.

There is a 55% chance that a champion will have 2 traits.

The game rolls for traits twice, with each roll having about a 74% chance of resulting in a trait and neither result affecting the other.

Trait selectionEdit

Then the game makes a dice roll to determine which rarity of traits to select from.

  • 50% - Level 1
  • 36% - Level 2
  • 14% - Level 3

The program then gathers all of the traits with the given rarity and randomly selects one of those traits to give the player.

If a champion receives a second trait, the odds and method of selection is exactly the same as the first trait. However, the game also checks for trait conflicts.

The trait conflicts are as follows:

  • Muscle Wk. vs. Hypergonadism
  • Endomorph vs. Ectomorph
  • Gigantism vs. Dwarfism
  • Near-sighted vs. Far-sighted
  • Color Blind vs. Nostalgic
  • Any trait v.s the same trait

Thus, no champion can be both Near-sighted and Far-sighted, and no champion can be both Color Blind and Nostalgic.