Rogue Legacy Wiki


Name Description / Effect Max. Levels Prerequisites
Smithy.png Smithy Unlock the smithy and gain access to phat loot. 1 None
Architect.png Architect Unlock the architect and gain the powers to lock down the castle. 1 Equip Up
Enchantress.png Enchantress Unlock the enchantress and gain access to her magical runes and powers. 1 Equip Up
Archmage.png Upgrade Mage Unlock the latent powers of the Mage and transform them into the all powerful Archmage . 1 Enchantress
Paladin.png Upgrade Knight Turn your knights into Paladins . A ferocious forefront fighter. 1 Health Up
Assassin.png Upgrade Knave Learn the dark arts, and turn the Knave into an Assassin . 1 Unlock Miner
Barbarian king.png Upgrade Barbarian

Become a Barbarian King . The king of freemen. That makes no sense.

1 Architect
Lich.png Unlock Lich Release the power of the Lich ! A being of infinite potential. 1 Haggle
Lich king.png Upgrade Lich Royalize your all-powerful Liches, and turn them into Lich-Kings . 1 Unlock Lich
Miner.png Unlock Miner Unlock the skills of the miner and raise your family fortune. 1 Upgrade Mage
Spelunker.png Upgrade Miner Earn your geology degree and go from Miner to Spelunker . Spiffy. 1 Unlock Miner
Shinobi.png Unlock Shinobi Unlock the Shinobi , the fleetest of fighters. 1 Upgrade Barbarian
Hokage.png Upgrade Shinobi Become the leader of your village, and turn your Shinobi into a Hokage . Believe it! 1 Haggle
Spell thief.png Unlock Spell Thief Unlock the spellthief , and become a martial mage. 1 Potion Up
Spell sword.png Upgrade Spell Thief Ride the vortexes of magic, and turn your Spellthiefs into Spellswords . Press A to cast empowered spells. 1 Unlock Spell Thief
Bestiality.png Beastiality

Half man, Half ******, all awesome.

Press S to awesome.

Unlocks Dragon Class.

This upgrade's icon is off-screen, and only viewable when pressing Up from its prerequisite, Invuln. Time Up(notice the flag pole).

1 Unlock Invuln. Time Up
Randomize children.png Randomize Children

Use the power of science to make a whole new batch of babies.

Press D to randomize your children.

Allows you to reroll all three children on Select Your Heir screen. You can only reroll once per generation, and cannot reverse the outcome.

Tooltip for this upgrade can be misleading. Actual key input for Randomize Children is 'View Map([Tab] by default)' button, and is instructed at the top right corner of Select Your Heir screen after unlocking this upgrade.

1 Mana Cost Down
Mana.png Mana Up

Increase your mental fortitude in order to increase your mana pool.

+10 Max MP per upgrade. (Max 750)

75 Smithy
Health.png Health Up

Improve your cardio workout. A better heart means better health.

+10 Max HP per upgrade. (Max 750)

75 Smithy
Equip.png Equip Up

Upgrading your carrying capacity will allow you to wear better and heavier armor.

+10 Weight per upgrade. (Max 500 + Base 50)

50 Upgrade Knight
Attack.png Attack Up

A proper gym will really allow you to strengthen your arms and butt muscles.

+2 STR per upgrade. (Max 150)

75 Architect
Magic damage.png Magic Damage Up

Learn the secrets of the Universe, so you can use it to kill with spells better.

+2 INT per upgrade. (Max 150)

75 Enchantress
Crit chance.png Crit Chance Up

Teaching yourself about the weaknesses of enemies allows you to strike with deadly efficiency.

+2% Crit. Chance per upgrade. (Max 50%)

25 Unlock Shinobi
Crit damage.png Crit Damage Up

Practice the deadly strikes to be even deadlier. Enemies will be so dead.

+5% Crit. Damage per upgrade. Base crit. damage multiplier is 150% without any upgrades or bonuses. (Max 275%)

25 Crit Chance Up
Armor.png Armor Up

Strengthen your innards through natural means to reduce incoming damage.

+4 Armor per upgrade (Max 200)

50 Upgrade Shinobi
Down strike.png Down Strike Up

A pogo practice room has its benefits. Deal more damage with consecutive down strikes.

+5% chained Down Attack damage bonus per upgrade. When you chain multiple down attacks without touching the ground, each strike will progressively deal more damage.

Down Attack deals 50% of your normal attack damage on the first strike, and bonus from this upgrade will be added on this multiplier, up to a cap of 100%. For example, if you have 10% bonus from level 2 of this upgrade, your down attack chain will deal 50%, 60%, 70%, ... of your swing attack damage. (No upgrade will remain at 50% regardless of attack number)

(Max requirement of 11 hits to reach 100% with 1 of 5 upgrades. (50%-->55%-->60%-->65%-->70%-->75%-->80%-->85%-->90%-->95%-->100%) )

(Minimum requirement of 3 hits to reach 100% with 5 of 5 upgrades. (50%-->75%-->100%) )

5 Upgrade Shinobi
Gold gain.png Gold Gain Up

Improve your looting skills, and get more bang for your buck.

+10% gold gain per upgrade. All gold bonuses(also called Bounty) are additive. (Max 50%)

5 Unlock Miner
Potion.png Potion Up

Gut cleansing leads to noticeable improvements from both potions and meat.

+1% of Max HP/MP restored on meat/potion pick up per upgrade. Without the upgrade, they heal for 10% of your max HP/MP. (Max 15%)

5 Upgrade Knave
Invuln time.png Invuln. Time Up

Strengthen your adrenal glands and be invulnerable like Bane. Let the games begin!

+0.1 second to invulnerable time per upgrade. Increases the amount of time you don't take additional damage after being hit. Base amount is 1 second, and does not include the time you are being knocked back/airborne. (Max 1.5 seconds)

5 Upgrade Spell Thief
Mana cost.png Mana Cost Down

Practice your basics to reduce mana costs when casting spells.

-5% spell MP cost per upgrade. Does not seem to affect MP cost of some class specific Special abilities. (Max -25%)

5 Upgrade Spell Thief
Death defy.png Death Defy

Release your inner cat, and avoid death. Sometimes.

+1.5% chance to defy death per upgrade. Upon death, heroes will randomly be revived with small amount of health returned.

10 Upgrade Lich
Haggle.png Haggle

Lower Charon's toll by learning how to barter with death itself.

+10% discount to Charon's toll per upgrade. (Max 50%)

5 Unlock Shinobi

Skill Tree:[]

Each level you gain (upgrade you make) increases the cost of the upgrades by 10 gold. So if Health up costs 500, and you upgrade your Mana up, then the next upgrade to your Health up will cost 510.

Since the Gold Gain traits are additive and not cumulative, each upgrade will require ten times its cost to break even. The first upgrade costs ~1900 Gold, meaning that until ~17000 Gold has been subsequently acquired, the player is in the hole. It is a long term investment that will earn itself back in a few dozen generations.

Weight upgrades: increase by 50 gold each level up.